May Goals!

A new month. What does that feel like to you? Does it jazz you up? Or does it overwhelm you that another month just passed and you didn’t accomplish what you wanted to? Think about it. But don’t dwell on it.

I firmly believe that if you do one thing really well for just a month, it can become a habit. BUT – the key here is to focus on just that one thing.

Too often I find that most people hop into doing wayyy too many things at once and overwhelm themselves. Ya’ll, this used to be me. I would legit start a million new things every Monday morning. I was THAT girl. It does not work. I promise you. By Wednesday or so I was OVER it and felt like a failure. Not a good mix.

Rewing to about 3 years ago when I finally decided it was time for a change. All I was doing was spinning my wheels and honestly I started to struggle with anxiety and knew I had to start taking better care of me. I chose to slow the f down and start putting my mind to just one thing at a time and trusting that the rest would come. I often get called a ‘doer’ and I’m not going to sit here and pretend that I’m not. Because I am. And I still try to channel that inner doer allllll the time. It’s a constant fight for me to chill and settle down in my day to day knowing that I need to patient.

I won’t bore you with the grave details, but just know that this process took a longggg time and it is a never ending battle, but a good kind of battle. Hang in there and know that you are doing just fine.

Back to right now…May.

We have both been feeling super motivated lately and have continuously been working really hard to grow ourselves both as a couple and as individuals. We are each inspired by different people and tend to get a lot of our ideas from podcasts or books. I have been loving Ms. Rachel Hollis. Tyler continuously listens to Dave Ramsey. And together they have been reading Rachel Cruze’s book, Love Your Life Not Theirs and working together on her new Contentment Journal.

Rachel, Dave, & Rachel (ha) all talk about a lot of the same things so as we were chatting one night we came up with the idea to really start to focus on each other’s goals together and hold each other accountable, together.

Tyler is going to focus on drinking half his body weight in ounces of water daily because he knows how good he feels when he accomplishes this and really wants to make it more of a set habit.

And I am going with journaling every day. I truly love to write, but have never been one to take the time each day to journal and it’s something I truly want to do. I think it’ll 1) be relaxing and 2) be so amazing to look back on in a month, year, and so on to remind myself of where I’ve come from. I need that.

At the end of the day, remember to fly. I mean this in a way that makes you feel on top of the world. Like you are in control and are going nowhere but up.

Take care, friends. And happy May!

Walmart Grocery Pick-Up

Okay, but for real…who is with me?

Grocery shopping can be such a love hate. I enjoy getting things to prep for a week ahead and make delicious, healthier meals at home but sometimes getting the gumption to go to the store is not doing it for me. Hence where Walmart’s grocery pick up comes in realllll handy.

It’s super simple. Head to their site and immediately save $10 if you are a new user!! Walmart Grocery 

After you’ve created an account, start searching for items and filling your cart.

My top favorite reasons to use this process besides the fact of not having to go in store:

  • Helps with budget! You can easily compare prices on different brands of products.
  • Decreases my overbuying! I have a tendency to overbuy when I go into stores. Who doesn’t?
  • I meal plan while I fill my cart. All those recipes you pinned on Pinterest or found in a recipe book? They can now come to life so much easier! Have I mentioned this is EASY?
  • FREE pickup with an order over $30

Once you’ve filled your cart, just proceed to checkout. You can then pick a date for delivery and a specific time.

Once you are ready to head to your Walmart, you just check in using the mobile app.

Once you arrive, the app will ask you what parking spot you are in and the color of your vehicle so the associates know.

That’s it! They’ll be out to fill your vehicle up with all your groceries to take home. For me it usually takes 5-10 minutes to get in and out and on my way home.

Does anyone else use Walmart grocery or other store grocery pick ups? I hope this was helpful! It’s something that saves me a lot of time and I appreciate it a lot!


On Our Way

A few years ago, Tyler and I followed Dave Ramsey very loosely. We had some small successes, but eventually fell trap to “normal” and found ourselves accumulating some debt. All of the norms. I had student loans from college, two car payments, a home, and some credit card debt. Pretty standard.

We continued to live “normally” (as Dave would say) and finally the constant question of “where did our money go?” got to us. We’d had enough. Tyler and I both make a good income and Tyler works insanely hard each year and we both felt like it was for nothing. We didn’t have much to show for our efforts.

Tyler and I finally decided it was time to buckle down. We both were ready. Financial Peace, it was! We knew that this time we needed to actually take the class and follow Dave’s steps and educate ourselves more.

A few lessons in and I was feeling “gazelle intense”. Tyler was still a bit hesitant but was showing awesome strides with cutting up his credit card and talking out the struggles that he was feeling. Neither of us thought this was easy, but I was just naturally more of the ‘nerd’. I really always have been. 😉

Our journey has only just begun but I’m excited to announce that we have paid off our first debt on our snowball. It was about a $4,000 loan. We have two more loans to go before we can move onto the next baby step. Most people think I’m crazy for sharing this, but I really just don’t see why we don’t talk more openly about this in society. I just really want to be transparent when I say, you are not alone if you are feeling drained and fed up with debt.

Nothing feels better than paying off another loan and being so much closer to freedom.

A few tips to get you started if you’re looking to break free from this madness

1.   Sign up for Financial Peace – If you are married or in a relationship, do it together! It helps if you’re both on board.

2.  Create an account on EveryDollar – It’s an incredible, free app that Dave and his team have created to help you budget!

3.   List all of your debts in order – smallest to largest.

4.   Find support – if it’s not your spouse or significant other, who can be your support system through this?

I’ll be sure to continue sharing our journey and some tips along the way!