When you can’t talk to your husband…

I’m sure there are many others out there with spouses or significant others or anyone in their families that they cannot speak with during certain times of the day for various reasons.

In the season of ag spraying, it is a known thing not to stress or worry your pilot while in the air. I’ve never before had a situation where I really, really wanted and/or needed to talk with my husband until today.

While today was most definitely NOT a need, it was a major want. I’ve never been in a car accident before and was in a fender bender. While it was very minor and no parties were injured and little damage to the vehicles, it still stressed me out.  My immediate thought when I got out of my car and prepared to call 911 and check on the other driver was..’I want to call Tyler’. Pretty quickly I came down from that thought and realized it would be silly to worry him when the situation was so minor.

Long story short, it made me think of all the others that may have serious things happen in their days and when they want to talk to the ones they love the most, they know they can’t. It’s definitely hard. While I have a wonderfully supportive mother and amazing friends, nothing is like getting moral support from the #1 person in your life.

I feel for those that have loved ones in the military, pilots in a dangerous job, and many others of the like. I know it’s tough and I definitely get it. Find those that you can lean on during these times and when able to do so safely, talk to that loved one like you haven’t in awhile.


A Cropduster’s Wife

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