2018 > 2019

You know the cliche that time flies when you are having fun? It seems to hold quite true for 2018 because as I type this, I have no idea where the year went.

Tyler and I were talking on Christmas Eve as we had dinner together at our kitchen table after hearing about the true meaning of Christmas in a sermon and felt so incredibly blessed. We were creating memories together and also looking back on the year. We feel so lucky for all of the things that happened for us in the year. The successes we both had and all of the fun we were able to experience with friends and family.

As we sat and discussed our year we thought of a few highlights.

Traveling to Arizona to finally visit Tyler’s grandparents, Terry & Kay. They have been “snow-birding” it in Arizona for 7 years! We are so glad we made it happen this year.

Tyler had his first full year in an Air Tractor. Even thought he had two summers of experience flying the Cessna 188, this was a huge jump for him. We’re both so proud of his accomplishments!

We got to celebrate Jordan’s sister’s wedding!

Our good friend, Nadyne, moved to Denver almost a year before we got down to visit her. While we were there we also stopped in to say hi to Jordan’s aunt & uncle as well as Tyler’s step-brother. It was a great time!

We celebrated another wedding – Jordan’s brother, Wyatt! No pictures yet, but will have to update this post once we get them.

Not to mention wrapping up the year with birthdays, holiday gatherings, and so much more.

As for 2019, you better watch out. We’re coming to get you! More details to come on our upcoming goals and focuses for the year!

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