Walmart Grocery Pick-Up

Okay, but for real…who is with me?

Grocery shopping can be such a love hate. I enjoy getting things to prep for a week ahead and make delicious, healthier meals at home but sometimes getting the gumption to go to the store is not doing it for me. Hence where Walmart’s grocery pick up comes in realllll handy.

It’s super simple. Head to their site and immediately save $10 if you are a new user!! Walmart Grocery 

After you’ve created an account, start searching for items and filling your cart.

My top favorite reasons to use this process besides the fact of not having to go in store:

  • Helps with budget! You can easily compare prices on different brands of products.
  • Decreases my overbuying! I have a tendency to overbuy when I go into stores. Who doesn’t?
  • I meal plan while I fill my cart. All those recipes you pinned on Pinterest or found in a recipe book? They can now come to life so much easier! Have I mentioned this is EASY?
  • FREE pickup with an order over $30

Once you’ve filled your cart, just proceed to checkout. You can then pick a date for delivery and a specific time.

Once you are ready to head to your Walmart, you just check in using the mobile app.

Once you arrive, the app will ask you what parking spot you are in and the color of your vehicle so the associates know.

That’s it! They’ll be out to fill your vehicle up with all your groceries to take home. For me it usually takes 5-10 minutes to get in and out and on my way home.

Does anyone else use Walmart grocery or other store grocery pick ups? I hope this was helpful! It’s something that saves me a lot of time and I appreciate it a lot!


2 thoughts on “Walmart Grocery Pick-Up

  1. Yes! I love it! Plus you can add (some) things that aren’t groceries. I love that they pick out my produce because I have no idea how to pick out a good mango. I wish Fareway had something similar since I still go there for meat. I also use Target pickup– the fewer times I have to get a car seat in and out of the vehicle is a bonus for me– especially when she’s sleeping!


    1. Totally get it!! We don’t have kiddos yet but last week when I got a pickup I was next to a van with a mom and her two kids. It totally made me think how awesome this service will be someday. Such a big job to have to take the kids in and entertain them I’m sure!!


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