About Us

The Evans Family: 

Tyler and Jordan have been together since 2010.

Tyler’s career in the agricultural aviation business began in 2011 on the ground crew at Agri-Tech Aviation in Indianola, Iowa.

Our pup, Annie, was added to our family in 2012.

Jordan graduated college at the end of 2012 and began working full-time. Her interests and career continues to evolve over time. Jordan currently works in Human Resources and does personal training and group exercise classes on the side.

Tyler asked Jordan to marry him the day she finished college in Las Vegas where she met him after finals while he was traveling for his first NAAA (National Agriculture Aviation Association) Convention.

Together they bought a home in 2014.

They were married in 2015 in Indianola surrounded by their family and friends.

Tyler went to Florida shortly after their wedding + honeymoon to finish his commercial pilot’s license.

Tyler’s professional ag aviation career began as a pilot in 2015 flying a Cessna 188.

3 years later, Tyler now flies in a beautiful Air Tractor.

What will be next in our journey?