Jordan’s First Air Show

I am kind of ashamed to admit I’d never been to an air show before – especially since I’ve been with my pilot for 8 years.

Regardless, we made it happen finally and went to an air show near us in Ottumwa, Iowa. Now I’m hooked!


It was the perfect, cloudy day to be able to see the planes flying so well. It was about a 3 hour show filled with variety and Tyler’s favorite, Skip Stewart, was even there.

It’s hard to say which one was my favorite as they were all incredible to watch! I did get a neat video on Tyler’s phone of the Aeroshell team. These other photos are from my old, old iPhone 5 so it’s going to be time for an upgrade one of these days.


Who else has been to an air show?

Cheers to Another Year

Most recently I’ve begun to realize that the saying of “the days are long, but the years are short” is so, so true. I remember growing up thinking that the years passed slow because I was always wishing for more freedom – getting to drive, graduating high school, starting college, graduating college, etc. It was always a constant goal of moving forward as quickly as possible.

Now, I just wish time would slow down. Life is so, so good. I don’t want it to go by so fast!

With that being said, ironically enough, I’m moving on to another year of life. My birthday was August 11 and man did it creep up fast again. I’ve had a really busy, happy year and it’s fun to look back on that.

Here are a few highlights..

*Started a new job and have been able to travel multiple times, including twice in the company jet.

*Traveled for fun to the Dominican Republic & Arizona


*Celebrated my sister getting married

*Supported Tyler through another successful spray season.

Cheers to year #27!


Fitting It All In

Well, hello there!

I feel like a major slacker with my writing on this blog, but man I’ve been a bit preoccupied (I HATE when people say they are “busy” because let’s face it, we all are). With that being said, I still do not know sometimes how we fit everything into these lives we live each day.

With that being said, life has been so great lately. Tyler has been very busy at work (praise the heavens) which in return brings hectic days to our life in general with him never being home, me working and then making food when I can for all the workers, and I have a major social life that I love. And then trying to vacuum and do laundry, please…

But really, being busy is such a blessing. When I really stop to think about it all, I’m grateful that we have endless opportunities to work and make money, multiple things to do with family and friends, and day to day routines that keep us sane and living with purpose. Even if it does mean that my house never seems to be as clean as I’d like. Something’s gotta give and it’s definitely not my social life. 😉

Tell me – what have you been up to lately?